Yes it is possible to spend a vacation on German rivers. In fact, you will have to spend more than one vacation in order to experience the beauty of the country from the water. There are cruises offered for all the rivers in the country with stops arranged in cities and towns along the way.

The Rhine River is one of the longest and most important rivers in Europe at 820 miles in length. The river originates in the Swiss Alps, but some of the main tributaries are in Germany and Luxembourg. Some of the riverboats sail on the Rhine only, while others combine the trip on the river with that of other waterways in Germany and other countries, such as Austria, Hungary and the Netherlands. When you take this type of cruise, you can sample the fine beers of Bamberg and see the cathedral of the Holy Roman Emperor Heinrich 11, which dates back to the 11th century. Sail to Koblenz, where the Rhine meets the Moselle and drink in the breathtaking views of the meadows, lakes and woodlands that surround this city.

If you want to experience the landscape of fairytales, then you just have to sail on the Danube River. This is one of the longest rivers in Europe, either passing through or bordering ten European countries. Here you will find idyllic villages and architecture that has stood the test of time. Stop in Nuremburg to visit the Imperial Palace and the Justice Court. The castles and the preserved towns along the way are the same ones you read about in Grimm's Fairytales. Children will be delighted to meet Cinderella at Polle or the Pied Piper in Hamlin.

The Elbe River originates in northwestern part of the Czech Republic and crosses most of Germany. When you take a cruise on this river, you will drift past Gothic castles and towering sandstone cliffs. The cities along its banks are quite modern but a touch of the past remains in the medieval monuments and architecture. Explore the Old Market of Magdeburg and see the tomb of Emperor Otto. This route will take you to Wittenberg Castle and the Castle Church where Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation. In Eastern Germany, you can sample the fine wine of Meissen or visit a porcelain factory.

See the stately castles on shore as you glide past them on the Mosel River. This cruise will take you to some of the most romantic cities in all of Europe. You will have an opportunity to visit the oldest city in Germany - Trier, which dates back to 16 B.C. The number of Gothic, Roman and Renaissance monuments in this city is mind-boggling and you just might plan a return visit just to see them all. This river forms the division between the Eifel and Hunstruck Mountains, so you can be assured of seeing towering peaks that get lost in the clouds. In addition to Trier, other German cities along this river include Bernkastel-Kues, Cochem and Koblenz.

Most people think that yacht charting is a luxurious activity which only the rich and famous can participate. Although this used to be the case, these types of holidays and getaways are becoming much more affordable and opening up the activity to a much wider market to enjoy. There are two types of yacht charters you could participate, bare boating and luxury crewed yacht charters, both of which are explained in more detail below. The Mediterranean is a fantastic area of the world to experience and as a unique getaway for a charter yacht holiday, it offers complete flexibility and the option for you to customize and tailor you holiday in order to exactly suite your requirements and expectations.

Bareboat is the action of hiring a yacht or a boat with the intention of sailing it yourself. If are an experienced sailor, you can hire a yacht for a period of time and sail through the Mediterranean visiting numerous destinations at your own pace while taking the family along with you.

Crewed Yachts
Mediterranean luxury crewed yacht charters are extremely popular which involve hiring the boat and the crew. It is a fantastic way of seeing the different sites along the Mediterranean if you have no or limited sailing experience or knowledge. Even if you are a sailor, you may want to hire a crew because you simply want to sit back and relax and not have to worry about skippering the boat. Most of the yachts these days are very luxurious and cater for your every need, with comfortable sleeping quarters and a fully equipped kitchen and living area.

The Mediterranean covers a wide area and many country's borders run along the Mediterranean Sea. As you explore these countries you will enjoy experiencing a vast array of religions, people, cultures and sights. If its history you are into, then Greece could be the destination for you and Turkey has a lot of culture with the warm waters to the south making it a perfect destination for building up that tan. If you are looking for something different, why not visit Croatia along the Adriatic? The country offers some breathtaking views among other things, which just goes to show that it is no wonder the country is emerging as an up and coming tourist destination. If it's sunbathing you are after, Spain is always popular because of the sandy beaches and warm climate. Italy is a very worthwhile visit also because it has so much rustic charm and beautiful scenery.

There are alternatives such as Caribbean luxury crewed yacht charters and the Bahamas, but the Mediterranean is so popular because of the diversity you can enjoy from country to county, even though most of them are in very close proximity to each other. A charter yacht holiday really is an unforgettable experience as there is so much that can be done from day to day, and the flexibility of having your own boat offers a huge amount of private freedom which you just don't get with other types of holidays.

International Yacht Charter Group always provides exceptional professional customer service and outstanding personal attention to each and every customer. With the use of research and their experience in uniquely identifying luxury crewed yachts from the entire worldwide fleet of yachts, International Yacht Charter Group will provide each client their ideal yacht charter experience when and where they want it.

Everyone's dream boat storage is heated boat storage. Just think about it. Storing a boat in heated boat storage would make every sailors boating experience ever more pleasurable. Those people who don't own a boat vision boats as fun, relaxing, and exciting. They are jealous of boat owners; however, little do they know. Boat owners know this is far from the truth. Boats are high maintenance and are the reason for empty wallets. Ask any former boat owner what was his best boating experience, and he will tell you it was the day he got rid of the boat. But there are some boat owners who are able to keep a balance between boat fun and boat maintenance. The key to this balance is finding the best boat storage possible.

Heated boat storage is the answer to that balance between an angry boat owner and a happy boat owner. Storing a boat properly is the solution to many boat problems. It ensures that when Spring arrives your boat will start with no issues. When a boat sits for a long time, engine parts, electronic parts, and other metal boat parts begin to corrode from moister trapped inside the boat. Moister is also the cause for mold build up. Mold is hard to clean and smells when the cover is removed. Heated boat storage or climate control boat storage is dry and set at a consistent temperature. Moister building up under the boat cover is not an issue. This prevents mold and corrosion from growing on your boat.

Heated boat storage increased the longevity of all boats. Boats in heated boat storage are preserved better than boats stored in any other type of storage. This means less boat maintenance. Heated boat storage cuts down on the winter storage preparations suffered by other storage options. Because it is stored at a steady temperature, you don't have to winterize certain boat parts from freezing temperatures. Don't worry about the engine block cracking, are bursting plumbing lines since they won't be subject to freeze. This will save you, the boat owner the time and energy it takes to winterize a boat. Or it will save you lots of money if you have a boat mechanic do it for you.

There are many types of boats you can store in heated boat storage. River rats prefer bass boats because they are small and easy to maneuver in shallow areas. Motor boats or speed boats are geared to the water sport enthusiast. Owners of motor boats and speed boats can water ski and wakeboard on the ocean or bay. Jet boats are like speed boats except they are driven by jet compulsion, not by a propeller. House boats cater to the leisure lifestyle of the retirees. Fishing boats are equipped for those who boat for sport. Whatever is your boating preference, heated boat storage caters to all boat fanatics.

It is no dream; heated boat storage really exists. It's up to you to find heated boat storage at a self storage business near you. Heated boat storage may even tip the scales toward the fun side, rather than the bad side of boating.

My wife and I decided to book a cruise to Bermuda for our wedding anniversary. We thought it would be fun and of course anytime you get away from work, home and all of the stresses of life you are better off. Something about vacation that makes you forget about everything (well almost everything) in life.

After booking the cruise we wanted to do something different from our normal, "explore the island" type of excursions that we have done in the past. Not that they aren't any fun, but we were looking for something different. We noticed that one of the excursions was called a "swim, snorkel and sail adventure." It peaked our interest so we investigated further.

For the price they offered to book this particular excursion you received a boating adventure on a huge catamaran, where they (the catamaran crew) took you to a small piece of land in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, set anchor, and you could swim around in the tropical waters as well as dawn the snorkel gear if you wanted to get a better look at Bermuda's aquatic habitat. Then, after this full day of swimming activities you set sail for your home port.

It sounded like a wonderful day of fun filled activity so we booked it. I can honestly say it is one of the best excursions that I have ever been on. It was everything it promised to be and more. The crew was very friendly, helpful to others who were a little leary about swimming or snorkeling, and best of all we received a wonderful education about Bermuda and its history. That was something completely unexpected but definitely well received by everyone on board.

Beyond all that they offered free drinks, both with and without alcohol, and even let a couple of people drive the boat. As a passenger you could get involved as much as you wanted when it came time to sail as some people did, or you could just sit back and enjoy the ride which is what my wife and I did. I love boating but I can do that at home, I was on vacation (I say that jokingly of course).

If you are heading to a nice tropical area and they are offering a similar excursion on your next cruise, or even if you are not going on a cruise and will be staying on a tropical island, book a swim, snorkel and sail adventure. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Millions of people all over the country own a boat. Some of the lucky ones own multiple boats! How many of them actually know how to take care of their boats? That is a question whose answer can be debated and probably will be debated by many. The source of consternation usually revolves around boat storage and what is considered adequate versus inadequate. Most boat owners will agree that keeping your boat, which is usually a huge investment, on a trailer in your driveway is usually a sufficient boat storage strategy. Other owners will say that the best type of boat storage is to leave your water in the water. In addition to arguing about where to store a boat, many boat owners will debate whether or not responsible boat storage includes the use of some sort of boat cover. Whatever side of the boat storage aisle you come down on, this article is sure to touch on one or more boat storage strategies that you are familiar with. Please read on for more boat storage strategies and tips.

Some boat owners prefer the rack storage or dry stack form of boat storage. When rack stored, a boat is kept in some form of cradle, if you will that is usually located in a covered or protected area. The major drawback to this type of boat storage is the fact that in order to use the boat, the owner will need to contact the boat storage provider first. The boat storage provider will then have the boat brought to the ground by utilizing some sort of crane or other lifting technique. The boat owner then gets to do it all over again, but in reverse when he is done with his boat and is ready to put it back into storage. This type of boat storage is nice for smaller boats. This is probably not a good form of boat storage for those of you who own larger type boats.

A boat slip available at your local marina is probably your best boat storage option in my humble opinion. Boat storage of this nature is suitable for pretty much any sized boat. Marina slips are generally rented or bought. The cost of this type of boat storage is usually calculated by the marina owner based on the size of the boat that you will be storing in the slip. Purchasing a boat slip at a marina is usually a good investment so if you can afford to purchase this type of boat storage as opposed to renting it, I would strongly suggest you do so. Marinas that offer these types of services also offer other amenities more often than not. Amenities such as electrical connections, restroom, and security are just some of the perks associated with this type of boat storage. Many of these marinas even offer covered picnic areas for you and your family to share. This boat storage method is probably my favorite. I highly recommend it.

Although the thrust of this article is about boat storage in general and the different type of boat storage available to boat owners, I would be remiss if I didn't at least touch on the subject of some general boat maintenance strategies. Choosing a quality boat storage provider and strategy is basically useless if you don't keep up with the maintenance of your boat to at least a small degree!

Cleaning and waxing your boat provides the best protection against the elements, regardless of what type of boat storage you decide to use. More importantly, in my humble opinion, is the use of a quality cover to protect the interior of the boat from the elements of nature such as rain, wind, snow, etc. Exposing the interior of a boat to the elements year round will only serve to cause expensive damage, resulting in what can be large outlays of cash in the long term. Regardless of what boat storage methodology you ultimately go with, be sure to use protect your boat with a good boat cover!

My strongest recommendation is to plan ahead, understand your options, and decide on your preferred method of boat storage before you even go out and buy your first boat. Be sure to clearly understand the pluses and minuses of each boat storage method available to you in your area of the country as some boat storage methods are preferred over others in certain parts of the country due to weather patterns and temperatures. Once you've done your research on acceptable boat storage methods in your area and have decided on one, go out and buy your boat!