Power Boats include speed, strength, luxury and beauty combined into one spectacular powerboat that is what defines Outerlimits. Started 14 years ago by powerboat maven, Mike Fiore, Outerlimits represents the highest echelon of performance boating for today's technology and quality savvy customer.

Raised by parents who built a powerboat company in New York, Mike Fiore, president of Outerlimits Powerboats, grew up in the business and on the water. While other children played with trucks and toys, he was running and rigging boats and helping in the lamination shop. When his parents, Paul and Joyce, decided to sell their company and divorce, Fiore and his father stayed on with the new owners for a short time.

But while Paul opted for early retirement, Fiore, at the young, yet wise age of 22, decided to start his own boat company. His vision was beyond what the market expected, he wanted to take the powerboat industry to the Outerlimits.

Fast-track 14 years, and Fiore now sits at top of the performance boating industry, having carved a niche for the fastest, most technically advanced and eye-catching boats. He employed his mother to direct interior design and his father as a "right hand," and as a family business, they compete against major corporations. There were some hard years for Fiore, competing in price with production boats while creating a more time, labor and materials-intensive product.

He then made a decision to take his product to the upper echelon of the market, raising prices and further raising the bar. He understood his customer and created the boat desired by those who recognized and could afford the best. A growing core of Outerlimits clients remain brand-loyal and routinely update and up-size their boats, creating a following of "disciples" the company's best salesmen.

With a range of models from the 39-foot Quattro to the 51-foot Sport Yacht, and now, a new 50-foot 200 mph catamaran, Outerlimits Powerboats cover the spectrum of bolster or sit-down configurations, canopied or open cockpits, minimal or lush cabins? and add virtually any other features that satisfy a customer's wishes. All boats meet the strict standards that distinguish Outerlimits.

Quad and even 5-step hulls were created to perfect the center of gravity and handling of the various models. Every possible ounce is shaved in construction and each boat is vacuum-bagged to remove air, ensuring light-weight and hence greater speed. Strength and durability are built into each hull and deck by laminating with a precise amount of epoxy, impregnated into carbon fiber fabric.

Double-cored bottoms, stringers and bulk heads are specially constructed by craftsmen who combine technology with generations of boat building skills. The final and most important step in construction is post-curing? a one and a half day process of heating and cooling the boat to preserve its integrity and resistance to sun, heat and stress, all combining for an extraordinary boat and ride.

Electronics, controls, gauges and engine components are top-of-the-line and geared to the high expectations of power enthusiasts. While Mercury Racing is a popular choice, proprietary engine builders are also selected by customers who desire specific horsepower. No detail is overlooked in perfecting an Outerlimits Powerboat.

The true connoisseur of performance boats also values luxury and Outerlimits provides the ultimate in the cockpit and cabin. Custom, hand-built upholstery provides comfort and durability, while below, fine leather lounges, a V-berth, stand-up head/shower, sink, icebox, lacquered cabinets with exotic wood trims, flat screen TV and full entertainment systems are available.

The 9-foot beam offers unusual spaciousness while pocket doors and zippered storage provide convenient, rattle-free enjoyment of amenities and creature comforts, all designed to coordinate with the individualized exterior color scheme of the boat.

The Art of Design's Dean Loucks, is the exclusive creator of the Outerlimits' lavish and recognizable paint schemes. Artist, Loucks and his team confer with the customer and interpret that personality into the design, and incorporate the theme throughout the boat, from paint, dash, carved carpets, and even customized engine compartments. Each mechanized work of art makes a statement about its owner and its manufacturer.

This year, Outerlimits Powerboats looked to take its message and racing prowess to the European market via the Powerboat P1 Grand Prix. This international racing circuit brings competitors from countries across Europe to prestigious sea-side resort from Malta to Portugal in a two-day, six-race program.

The company made an outstanding showing with its aerodynamic new hull and deck? a major departure from many of the heavier and bigger, diesel-powered European boats. While some doubted this sleek new boat's ability to cope with the Mediterranean's rough waters, the Outerlimits Powerboat, with its new sponsor, Lucas Oil, has proved its mettle showing speed, handling and durability.

With World Championship drivers Nigel Hook and Joe Sgro joining fellow Champion Fiore at throttles, the only American manufacturer-sponsored team has made its presence known. All eyes are on the Americans as the second half of the season continues in Cowes, England, September 25-26. The series will be broadcast on SPEED, starting in November, 2007 and currently airs in over 70 countries around the world.

While racing is an important part of this year's European marketing effort and R&D work, the recreational market in the U.S. remains the foundation of Outerlimits' business. Owning an Outerlimits is not just about buying a boat? it is an accomplishment of a goal? a lifestyle statement. Hence the new company tagline, "Live It!" conveys that more than a powerboat, Outerlimits is an experience.