It is a sad fact of life that fuel prices have risen to such a level that siphoning the fuel from your boat is now an attractive proposition for thieves. With many boats holding hundreds of litres of fuel, this is a lucrative activity.

In its range of practical accessories, VETUS has introduced a simple device to prevent a siphon hose being inserted into the deck filler and down into the tank.

The VETUS “Fuel Safe” is supplied in a plastic tube, which is used to insert it quickly and easily into the fuel filler hose. There is no requirement to dismantle anything and the ingenious design ensures that it cannot subsequently be removed.

This synthetic device is suitable for both diesel and petrol fuel and it fits filling hoses of both 38 mm (1 ½”) and 51 mm (2”) internal diameter. There is no noticeable reduction in fuel flow when filling the tank.

This product is available at Shelter Bay Marina, located at 2051 Campbell Road in Kelowna, BC. Shelter Bay Marina is a full service facility and can look after all your marine needs. Shelter Bay Marina phone number is 250.769.0571. They can also be reached via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.