All vehicles need a lot of thought before buying same is the case with boats. Firstly you have to decide the reason for buying the boat. Mostly people buy it for fun and recreation therefore you need to make sure that the boat serves its purpose well.

Next comes, the decision about the kind of boat that you want to buy. There are numerous types of boats available for you to choose from. All serving various purposes. If you are a novice, don't get led by the size of the boat. Remember a big boat is also a little tricky to handle you could loose control in tight situations.

One type of boat that is very popular is the cruising boat. These boats have been built for cruising the open water and lakes, with pleasure being the only intent. Most cruisers will come equipped with at least one cabin that is great for overnight trips.

Fishing boats are another popular model. You can take these out on fresh or saltwater. If fishing is your passion, this will be the boat for you to buy. Do keep in mind however, that there is less room for passengers than there is on the cruisers. If you plan to make overnight fishing trips, be sure to get one large enough to have a cabin.

A third kind of boat that you may consider buying is a boat used for water sports. If your passion is waterskiing or wake boarding you'll want to have a boat that can give you the speed that you need.

After deciding the kind of boat you want contemplate the size. Size matters in a lot of things. A bigger boat would have more room, and functionality with cabins, kitchen room, a head, and deck room. But it will also require more experience and higher budget. Those on shoe string budget and buying their first boat should carefully think and buy a boat which not suits their budget but is also easy to handle.

You may want to consider a pre-owned boat. This is one way you can purchase a larger one and save yourself some money. Contact a dealer specializing in used models or look for boat owners that have a craft for sale, and buy directly from them. The main attraction of a new boat is often the existence of warranties and guarantees that will protect you for the first year or so.

After you have decided the kind of boat that you want select a model. Boats have like cars various models, shapes & sizes. Don't be over impressed by any brand name in terms of boat manufacturers. Brand names are not always worthwhile buys.

Once you've made up your mind as to type and size you want, you are in for many good times on the water.