Okanagan Lake Charts and Maps

The Okanagan Lake is a very large and deep lake here in the Okanagan valley of British Columbia with a surface area of 351 km². Okanagan Lake is 135 km's long with an average width between 4 to 5 km's and a maximum depth of 232 meters. But the Okanagan lake covers more than just Okanagan lake and it's cartography. With the webapp or maps you can cruise and navigate charts and maps and cartography all over Canada and it's estimated 32,017 lakes. British Columbia is the majority with roughly 20,170 lakes and we have you covered with the Okanagan boating charts. Get the most out of your time on the water with Okanagan Boating. Otherwise you can also purchase the offical Chart of Okanagan Lake #3052 from our Government here.


Click and drag to move the lake chart. Double click to zoom in. Also zoom in and out using the zoom buttons in the top right corner. The search icon in the top left allows you to search points of interest such as marinas, gas docks and launch ramps. The Navionics button in the bottom left allows you to toggle between lake charts and sonar. The sonar mode is preferred for up close and more detailed cartography. The quadrant symbol in the bottom right allows you to measure and navigate distance. The menu button at the bottom center allows you to add overlays to the chart such as satellite. On the mobile flip screen to landscape.

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