The Airhead Big Mable is a chariot-style boat towable guaranteed to make memories. This 2 person towable tube is a member of the best-selling Mable family, this 2 person towable tube features EVA foam seating pads, cushioned side walls, and a supportive backrest for top-notch comfort and safety. Also much lighter compared to it's bigger rivals.


Owners whose boats have 50A 125/250V electrical systems will spend the night in the dark if they cruise to a marina that only offers 30A 125V service. But not if they have the YQ230 Intelligent Y Adapter from Hubbell Marine. The innovative device rectifies electrical mismatches by plugging into two 30A pedestal outlets to provide safe, correct and full power to the vessel.


The big problems and big a headache can occur when pesty zippers and snaps stick, even when cleaned forcing them can accidentally rip the surrounding fabric, especially if it's old or has shrunk. The solution is to grab the Snap Stick from Shurhold. Fast and easy to apply, it provides long-lasting lubrication that allows hardware to perform like new.

Made in the USA, Snap Stick is non-toxic and biodegradable, and won't harm fabric or solid surfaces. It's ideal for metal and plastic zippers, snaps, hinges and other small marine hardware.