You may have thought about taking a riverboat tour on your next vacation, but do not know how or where to get relevant information that can help you to decide on whether this is something you want to try. There are actually two different types of river boat tours.

What Are The Various Kinds Of River Boat Tours You Can Expect To Find?

The first type, the one most people think of, usually occurs on a steamboat or its equivalent, on a nice sunny day. Tour riders can take in their surroundings, socialize, or just see different areas of the river. These tours are well suited for families with small children as they can move about and there is constantly something for the children to look at.

A river boat tour that most people are not familiar with is a tour on a jet boat. For the adventurous person, these speedy boat tours are the way to go. These tours won't let you absorb as much of the sights, and take as many photos, but the experience is more exciting.

So How Do You Look For These River Boat Tours?

As a rule, there are usually plenty of boat tours available in and around larger cities that border, or are near a larger river. In larger cities, it can sometimes be a great way to see the city and get familiar with the popular landmarks, as these are often pointed out by the tour guide on board, or even the captain of the ship. If the tour is long enough, you can really take in a lot of the feeling of a new city, and get to see many of its well known sights.

Some tour companies have tours that last for several hours, but you can also find tours which last for several days. So if you really want to see a lot and enjoy being on a boat, you have the option of a longer tour.

There will of course be a range of prices, based on how long the tour will last, whether it's an overnight trip, which routes are taken, and of course how long the tour lasts. You can quickly find a good listing of likely river boat tours by going online and typing an appropriate phrase into your usual search engine. Just type in something like - "(name of city) river boat tours", and you will most likely turn up some good results.

The website of a Parks and Recreation department for the place you are going to visit is also a good place to check out. These sites will often link to other relevant local sites where you can find more specific boat tour information. If you are in a hurry, and don't have time to find relevant boat tour information before leaving home, you can usually get a book of coupons from a visitor's center when you arrive at your destination. These coupons can often save you money on a tour.

If you are looking for a relaxing and fun way to spend one or more days of your holiday, and to see places from a different perspective, then river boat tours are a great choice.