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These are some of the boat types available in the market. Yes, you read it right. These are only some of the boat types. There are more kinds of boats out there. Considering the number of boat types we listed above, it will take more than three pages to describe each one. Don’t worry. We have picked out three of the most popular types of boat for you to get acquainted with.

Pontoon Boat
There are many flat-bottomed boats around. What separates a pontoon boat from others is that it is simply a float used to hold up a structure on water. The common materials needed in creating a pontoon boat include pipes, barrels, and boxes made from metal or concrete. Since a pontoon boat can be easily navigated and cannot be sunk, it is used as small vehicle ferries to cross rivers or lakes or any body of water. The sizes of pontoon boats vary.

Inflatable Boat
The best word to describe an inflatable boat is lightweight. It is a lightweight boat with the sides and the bow constructed of elastic tubes which have pressurized gas. Because of its portability and speed, an inflatable boat is perfect for recreational water skiing
, commercial or recreational fishing, as well as military purposes like moving soldiers from a vessel to the shore. An inflatable boat is also used a rescue craft, and luxury yacht tender. Usually, inflatable boats are between two to seven meters long.

Jon Boat
When you see a flat-bottomed boat made from wood and aluminum with one to three bench seats, then what you are looking at is a Jon boat. Jon boats are ideal for hunting because they provide a higher level of stability compared to other boats, specifically the V-hull aluminum boat. The sizes of commercial Jon boats are between eight to twenty feet long and thirty-six to fifty-six inches wide. A simply-designed Jon boat includes an open hull.