The kids are excited to spend the day out on the boat. You've just unpacked everything from the car and are ready to put it all on the boat. This is going to be a beautiful afternoon out on the water. As you prepare to cast off you open the cabin and are suddenly overwhelmed by a foul stench. The smell is more than anyone can stand. Everyone is upset, as the planned voyage has to be cancelled.

This unfortunate situation could have been prevented. There are several products on the market that could have been effective in this situation. But are thy Green? Are these products safe for use in a small contained area, or would the toxic chemicals themselves be harmful to you and your family?

Nearly everyone is now more informed about Green cleaners. There is clearly a "Green Revolution" going on in the world. Everyone is trying to their part to create a safer, less polluted environment.

This is true in the boating world as well. It is important that boaters use products that are non-toxic and safe. If accidently spilled, they cause no problem to people or the planet. Safe enough to drink, these products can eliminate odors, kill bacteria and prevent mold and mildew.

Is there mold and mildew on board the boat? What boat doesn't have this problem? This can be prevented for over 7 months with just one application using a Green product.

Another problem area is cooking odors. While on board most of us use a common air-freshener to handle foul odors. However most of these are in fact dangerous, as the give off harmful VOC's. In a small cabin area this could have long term effects on you and your family. 

Furthermore the culprit could also be the holding tank vent line filter. These are commonly overlooked. Changing the holding tank vent line filter could be a simple fix. To prevent this from happening I would suggest to change it seasonly. 

Situations like the one at the beginning of the article require preventive action before the situation occurs. Have a product available to treat incidents like this. But, choose that product wisely. Look at the label for product warnings and ingredients.