The minute you buy your boat, you should start thinking about your boat maintenance and upkeep schedule. First, you need to either personally inspect your boat or to hire a professional boat inspector. If you choose to hire an inspector, take note of his recommendations in terms of things to watch out for and the maintenance weaknesses of your boat. Local boat traders may have their own inspector for you to hire. Keep in mind that after checking your boat, there are several things you need to do in order for you to keep it in tip-top shape.

Boat washing and boat wax

It is recommended that you wash your boat once or twice a week. This is to ensure that your boat’s finish lasts for a long time. A lot of damage can be done to your boat by animal droppings, acid rain, salt, and dirt. Your boat is made of different types of material such as canvas, fiberglass, and metal. This means that cleaning your boat requires that you pay attention to cleaning these specific materials. Different cleaners and cleansers are available for all materials, and be sure to check your local discount marine supplies store.

As for the boat wax, it is important because it maintains the value and look of your boat for the long run. There are different types of boat wax available, and most boat traders recommend a double layer application of paste wax. It is often suggested to get natural instead of chemical products, in order to preserve the finish of your boat.

Interior boat detailing

Interior boat detailing is a more extensive procedure than simple boat washing. It involves polishing different materials on your boat such as wood or metal. Special care is given to your windows and blinds as well. The interiors are even vacuumed, and every nook and cranny is cleaned. When done by professionals, it can really improve the look of your boat. It is important to have steam-cleaning procedures done on your boat’s carpet, canvas, and upholstery as well. This attention to detail can prevent termite and bacteria problems that deteriorate the quality, value, and performance of your boat.

Boat bottom cleaning

While most boat maintenance services focus on the visible parts of your boat, it is cleaning your boat bottom (the part that has contact with the water) that is most important. The bottom of your boat should be routinely inspected and cleaned. The danger is that barnacles and algae will attach themselves to your boat bottom, affecting your boat’s speed and performance. The more frequently you use your boat, the more it needs bottom cleaning. Most boating enthusiasts even say that routine bottom cleaning saves them on fuel. Be sure to hire experts who provide services with preventive growth treatments.

By making a habit of having your boat maintained, you are insured of getting the best boating experience possible. Also, don’t postpone repairs when they are urgently needed. Remember – dirty, unkempt boats are best left at the dock.