Properly setting up your boat for wakesurfing will result in everyone having better rides. The key of course is wave performance. We want to have a big wave, but we also want it clean and smooth. Unlike wakeboarding, wakesurfing currently only rides one side of the boat. For regular foot wakesurfers (left foot forward) you'll want to weight your boat up on the port side.

Because you only need to concentrate on developing a big, smooth wave on one side of the boat, you'll want to wait to add your ballast until you have arrived at the location you're going to wakesurf.

When weighting your boat only use water ballast (WB) bags. Also follow the weight restrictions as posted in your boat.

Positioning the WB bags as towards one side of the boat will create larger one sided wakes, especially if your passengers also sit on the weighted side. But pay attention to how the wake looks. Too much weight directly in the back of the boat can mush the wake out. Too little and there's no size or power.

Experiment with how much and where the weight works best in your boat to achieve that perfect, smooth wake.

Never overload the boat with passengers and ballast to the point where the gunwales are taking in water.

Perfect pass is a must for the speed control.