1. Windsurfing is hard to learn.

False. Windsurfing can be easily be picked up on a sunday morning with the right teacher, by noon you may feel like a pro already. The only time it's difficult to learn is when the wrong equipment is used in the wrong conditions. With the right gear you can pick it up in just a few hours.

2. Windsurfing is expensive.

It could be. But it can also be very affordable. Basic set-up can cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of $800, and from there, the wind is free.

3. Need to be strong to windsurf.

False. Windsurfing is like golf when it comes to strenght. Muscling it will get you nowhere. It's a finesse sport.

4. Lots of wind to windsurf.

Not likely, Windsurfing can be done in a breeze, or in a storm. Professional windsurfing is usually done in around 20 mph winds. But the average windsurfer uses less than 10 mph. So really any wind will do.

5. Need to be young and athletic to windsurf.

Hardly. Sure, many windsurfers look athletic, but that's because it's great exercise. Windsurfers come in all shapes, sizes and ages.

6. Windsurfing is dangerous.

False. With the right gear, widsurfing is one of the safest sports out there.

7. Windsurfing is a guy's sport.

False. It's a finesse sport, not a strenght sport. And who has more finesse? A look in any windsurfing magazine would also show the same thing.

8. Hawaii is the only place to windsurf.

False. You may see lots of coverage in the Aloha state, because it's a fun spot for the top sailors. But windsurfing takes place on all kinds of water bodies even the okanagan lake.

9. Some say windsurfing is technical.

This is true if your trying to set a new speedsailing record. Or the science that goes into the equipment development may be very technical. But it makes it increasingly more simple for the average person. You don't even need to know how to tie a knot.

10. Windsurfing is a passing fad.

False. Windsurfing has been going strong for nearly 30 years now. It's been an olympic sport for a decade. Don't let another great thing pass you by.