Have you ever thought about trying the magnificent experience of gliding your way through the smooth and sleepy waters of the ocean? Ever thought about the thrill of maneuvering a sleek boat through choppy rills and rivulets, gushing rivers and bubbling streams? Do you dream of a sport that takes you outdoors in the sun, water and lush, green foliage of forests, that will not only challenge and test your skill, but also take you to faraway places you hadn't dreamed of?

If you do, then kayaking, with its combination of unspoiled natural surroundings pitted against technical expertise, is the ultimate sport for you. An important part of the expertise, of course, comes from first taking lessons in a hired kayak, and eventually, in choosing the right one to buy.

An inappropriate purchase can cost dearly on the high seas!

You can choose from a wide range of kayaks from sit-on sea kayaks or kayaks for white water. Before buying a kayak choose what type of water surface you will visit more often. In this way you can cut short your search. If gentle kayaking down the river is your style, then purchase a touring kayak.

If your are a novice then go for a kayak that is short in length as compared to experienced boaters. A shorter kayak is easier to handle and operate than the long ones. A sea Kayak can be purchased in lengths from 10 to 22 feet long, whereas a kayak for white water will be 9 feet long or less. As you gain experience and increase your kayaking skills you can go for a longer kayaks, as they are more suitable for fast paddling and for tracking.

While buying a kayak, sit in the boat, to get a feel of it to see whether you are comfortable or not. Adjust the backrest, seat and footrest as per your seating style, to feel as easy as possible. Before you pay up, take out the kayak for a ride and see how it handles on water. Always remember that a kayak is a huge purchase, so choose the one that is right for you and is comfortable and fulfills your kayaking purpose.

To avoid having to incur unnecessary expenditure, be sure to bring your spray skirt along with you when shopping for your kayak. This way you can ensure it can be fitted onto the boat you're considering buying and can eliminate additional outlays for a new one.

Don’t forget to take a look at the advantages of different hull sizes. A shorter hull that is made of plastic is good if you’re just starting out as a sea kayaker. You may like the way a wooden hull looks but it requires a lot of maintenance and you won’t want the worries of damage if you’re a beginner.

The important thing to remember when buying a kayak is that you don’t make an impulse buy and that you have the help of someone experienced and knowledgeable about kayaks to give you advice about your kayak selections.