Top 15 dive sites on Okanagan lake!


Rattlesnake Island
Located across from Peachland on the east coast of Okanagan lake. Accessible only by boat the best anchorage spots are on the northern or southern ends. This island is best suited for advanced divers. Main attractions on the island are underwater caves where the Ogopogo is known to live, rock formations and a variety of drop off points.

Squally Point
Another advanced diving site below steep cliffs you will find extensive caverns. Diving beyond the entrance is recommended only for those with specialty overhead training. Squally point is located just south of Rattlesnake island. Several Ogopogo sightings come from this area! Locate the southern bay for protection from strong winds.

Traders Cove Marine Park
North of West Kelowna outlying Bear Creek provincial park this site is much more easily accessible by boat. Parking in the lot and walking to the beach makes for a beautiful walk. This advanced divers area has a wall dive that is quite steep.

Wilson's Landing
Also known as The Milk Truck aptly named for the one sunken 100 ft down. Dock usage is not open to the public here. Beach access off Bancroft road in West Kelowna. Following the wall dive down to the bottom shows various artifacts. Such depths are suggested for advanced divers only. Please note that all artifacts found embedded are not meant to be removed.

The Bridge
To continue the underwater historical tour of Kelowna visit the William Bennet Bridge. Noise from the rebuild above can pierce the depths of water where its former version remains. This site requires major safety precautions because boating traffic above is completely open. Water access is very easy from either side of the lake.

Okanagan Centre
Off Old Okanagan Road you will find beach access leading to a beginners dive site. To reach the deep point approximately 40 feet down, swim out to the mooring buoy and descend. There is an older style convenience store across the street from the beach. Parking spaces fill up quickly in this small lot but the beach is a long stretch.

Fintry Barge
Fintry Provincial park – follow Fintry Delta road to the water for this dive site. The park is open annually from April – mid October. Reaching the site from the eastern shores can be done trhough Ellison Provincial Park (Vernon) or Kopje regional park(Lake Country) Suitable for beginner levels. Search for the Railway Barge once under operation by Canadian Pacific Co. On either end of the barge are sunken artifacts: a boat, and an old frame. Located farther up the east coast is the fruit packing company which has left loads of unknown sunken treasures.

Ellison Provincial Park
Otter bay is located on the edge of Ellison provincial park just south of Vernon. There are quite a few artifacts to be seen at this sight. The sunken objects attract several different types of sealife, making the location all the more appealing for divers. There are several beautiful beaches bordering Ellison park, Otter bay is one of the first freshwater diving locations in B.C. Sunken objects include a few varieties of boats, a truck, and other smaller items.

Scruggins Reef
This site has been very popular as a propeller gravesite as well as the many other boat props which have been lost among the rocky terrain. Directly across from Peachland on the east side of Okanagan lake one must be careful arriving by boat due to large rocks close to the surface spreading nearly 300 feet out from land. Visibility is excellent at this location.

Caesars Landing
This dive site is great for beginners. A wall dive with fascinating remnants as old as Henry Caesar's automobile accident in 1893. Follow westside road south of Nahun (en route south of Fintry). Ensure you bring your diving flag. Nahun itself also a a wall dive but without a sucken car wreck.

Pauls Tomb
It's highly recommended that you reach this site by boat. It is possible to reach the beach after a hike around Knox mountain but that is a very long trail with all your gear. There are two small sunken boats here and an Ogopogo statue. The beach is small and pebbly with drop point about 4 metres offshore. Located in Knox mountain park just south of McKinley landing.

Bertram Creek Park
This park is located off Lakeshore road south of Kelowna. You may enter from either the north or south ends. The north end has several Native firepits, entering from the south is easier access straight to the dive wall. The rock formations are unique, this is a good site for beginner's. Check the park's open hours before planning your trip.

Commando Bay
Now a quiet dive site this area was once a heavily trafficked bay used as a military training site during WWII. You will find many unique remnants here. Reaching this site on foot would be a minimum six hour hike so you are much better off arriving by boat. Located on the east side of the lake about midway between Peachland and Summerland.

Pentowna Marina
Located in Peachland close to the Blind Angler Grill this site sees heavy traffic. All artifacts which you can see are protected by the Archaeological act of B.C. The main attraction of this site are the remains of the Pentowna Sternwheeler.

Lake Okanagan Resort
This site sees very heavy boating traffic during the summer months, if possible you may want to try it outside of that busy season. Ensure you are bringing the necessary safety markers/flags to notify passer-by's above. The resort is easy to find on Westside road north of West Kelowna. Underwater you will find a sailboat and other smaller ruins. The most important thing to remember about this dive site is safety! It is a good beginner site, ensure you are keeping to the proper diving areas.