My wife and I decided to book a cruise to Bermuda for our wedding anniversary. We thought it would be fun and of course anytime you get away from work, home and all of the stresses of life you are better off. Something about vacation that makes you forget about everything (well almost everything) in life.

After booking the cruise we wanted to do something different from our normal, "explore the island" type of excursions that we have done in the past. Not that they aren't any fun, but we were looking for something different. We noticed that one of the excursions was called a "swim, snorkel and sail adventure." It peaked our interest so we investigated further.

For the price they offered to book this particular excursion you received a boating adventure on a huge catamaran, where they (the catamaran crew) took you to a small piece of land in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, set anchor, and you could swim around in the tropical waters as well as dawn the snorkel gear if you wanted to get a better look at Bermuda's aquatic habitat. Then, after this full day of swimming activities you set sail for your home port.

It sounded like a wonderful day of fun filled activity so we booked it. I can honestly say it is one of the best excursions that I have ever been on. It was everything it promised to be and more. The crew was very friendly, helpful to others who were a little leary about swimming or snorkeling, and best of all we received a wonderful education about Bermuda and its history. That was something completely unexpected but definitely well received by everyone on board.

Beyond all that they offered free drinks, both with and without alcohol, and even let a couple of people drive the boat. As a passenger you could get involved as much as you wanted when it came time to sail as some people did, or you could just sit back and enjoy the ride which is what my wife and I did. I love boating but I can do that at home, I was on vacation (I say that jokingly of course).

If you are heading to a nice tropical area and they are offering a similar excursion on your next cruise, or even if you are not going on a cruise and will be staying on a tropical island, book a swim, snorkel and sail adventure. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.