Most people think that yacht charting is a luxurious activity which only the rich and famous can participate. Although this used to be the case, these types of holidays and getaways are becoming much more affordable and opening up the activity to a much wider market to enjoy. There are two types of yacht charters you could participate, bare boating and luxury crewed yacht charters, both of which are explained in more detail below. The Mediterranean is a fantastic area of the world to experience and as a unique getaway for a charter yacht holiday, it offers complete flexibility and the option for you to customize and tailor you holiday in order to exactly suite your requirements and expectations.

Bareboat is the action of hiring a yacht or a boat with the intention of sailing it yourself. If are an experienced sailor, you can hire a yacht for a period of time and sail through the Mediterranean visiting numerous destinations at your own pace while taking the family along with you.

Crewed Yachts
Mediterranean luxury crewed yacht charters are extremely popular which involve hiring the boat and the crew. It is a fantastic way of seeing the different sites along the Mediterranean if you have no or limited sailing experience or knowledge. Even if you are a sailor, you may want to hire a crew because you simply want to sit back and relax and not have to worry about skippering the boat. Most of the yachts these days are very luxurious and cater for your every need, with comfortable sleeping quarters and a fully equipped kitchen and living area.

The Mediterranean covers a wide area and many country's borders run along the Mediterranean Sea. As you explore these countries you will enjoy experiencing a vast array of religions, people, cultures and sights. If its history you are into, then Greece could be the destination for you and Turkey has a lot of culture with the warm waters to the south making it a perfect destination for building up that tan. If you are looking for something different, why not visit Croatia along the Adriatic? The country offers some breathtaking views among other things, which just goes to show that it is no wonder the country is emerging as an up and coming tourist destination. If it's sunbathing you are after, Spain is always popular because of the sandy beaches and warm climate. Italy is a very worthwhile visit also because it has so much rustic charm and beautiful scenery.

There are alternatives such as Caribbean luxury crewed yacht charters and the Bahamas, but the Mediterranean is so popular because of the diversity you can enjoy from country to county, even though most of them are in very close proximity to each other. A charter yacht holiday really is an unforgettable experience as there is so much that can be done from day to day, and the flexibility of having your own boat offers a huge amount of private freedom which you just don't get with other types of holidays.

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