Yes it is possible to spend a vacation on German rivers. In fact, you will have to spend more than one vacation in order to experience the beauty of the country from the water. There are cruises offered for all the rivers in the country with stops arranged in cities and towns along the way.

The Rhine River is one of the longest and most important rivers in Europe at 820 miles in length. The river originates in the Swiss Alps, but some of the main tributaries are in Germany and Luxembourg. Some of the riverboats sail on the Rhine only, while others combine the trip on the river with that of other waterways in Germany and other countries, such as Austria, Hungary and the Netherlands.

When you take this type of cruise, you can sample the fine beers of Bamberg and see the cathedral of the Holy Roman Emperor Heinrich 11, which dates back to the 11th century. Sail to Koblenz, where the Rhine meets the Moselle and drink in the breathtaking views of the meadows, lakes and woodlands that surround this city.

If you want to experience the landscape of fairytales, then you just have to sail on the Danube River. This is one of the longest rivers in Europe, either passing through or bordering ten European countries. Here you will find idyllic villages and architecture that has stood the test of time. Stop in Nuremburg to visit the Imperial Palace and the Justice Court. The castles and the preserved towns along the way are the same ones you read about in Grimm's Fairytales. Children will be delighted to meet Cinderella at Polle or the Pied Piper in Hamlin.

The Elbe River originates in northwestern part of the Czech Republic and crosses most of Germany. When you take a cruise on this river, you will drift past Gothic castles and towering sandstone cliffs. The cities along its banks are quite modern but a touch of the past remains in the medieval monuments and architecture. Explore the Old Market of Magdeburg and see the tomb of Emperor Otto. This route will take you to Wittenberg Castle and the Castle Church where Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation. In Eastern Germany, you can sample the fine wine of Meissen or visit a porcelain factory.

See the stately castles on shore as you glide past them on the Mosel River. This cruise will take you to some of the most romantic cities in all of Europe. You will have an opportunity to visit the oldest city in Germany - Trier, which dates back to 16 B.C. The number of Gothic, Roman and Renaissance monuments in this city is mind-boggling and you just might plan a return visit just to see them all. This river forms the division between the Eifel and Hunstruck Mountains, so you can be assured of seeing towering peaks that get lost in the clouds. In addition to Trier, other German cities along this river include Bernkastel-Kues, Cochem and Koblenz.