We estimate that most of the boat engine repair work can be directly attributed to lack of proper care for the engine. This is especially true of care during the off-season time. There is no way for a mechanical engine to be left sitting for an extended time and then be ready for instant service at once.

Only through a regular maintenance program can the owner expect to receive a long life and the best performance at a minimum cost.

Therefore prepare always specifically for winter storage and have it serviced again before the start of the new season.

Many times, if an engine is not performing properly, the owner will nurse through the season with good intentions of working on the unit once it is no longer being used. The good intensions are not completed and the engine may lie for several month before the work is begun.

Imagine, if you will, the cause of the problem being a blown head gasket, or let us assume water has found its way into a cylinder. This water allowed to remain over long period of time, will do considerably more damage than it would have if the unit had been disassembled and the repair work performed immediately. Therefore, if an engine is not functioning properly, do not stow it away get ride to it otherwise, the work and expense will only get worse, the longer corrective action is postponed. In the example of the blown head gasket, a relatively simple and inexpensive repair job could very well develop into a major overhaul and rebuild work.

Each time we perform maintenance on our boat or motor, we increase the likelihood that we will find a potential hazard before it becomes a problem. Each time we inspect our boat and motor, we decrease the possibility that it could leave us stranded on the water.

This is the only way, performing boat and engine service, that can help protect ourselves, our boats, and the family and friends we bring aboard. Happy Boating.