To get a good boat, you must first start with a good design. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the collection of designs available is immense.

In years gone by, choosing a boat design to build was limited to what you could get your hands on through local boat yards or designers. With the Internet, the whole world plus a huge archive of older designs is now at your finger tips.

No longer do you have to spend $20 to see small plans so you could decide if it was what you truly wanted to build. These days, a few hours on the Net, and you have probably more information than you need. As a matter of fact, you could end up with information overload.

There are quite few of you who tried building their own boat and failed, but there are some who had succeeded and finished their project by using good boat plans. Actually there are a lot of people who succedeed. Boat building plans can these days be found around the web however all of you who want to buy boat plans must first some research on the topic. You can spend hundreds of dollars on a boat plan but if you don't know anything about boat building you just might throw away everything because you will not know that you bought a plan that has a lot of faults.

There are lots of sellers that offer boat plans online for a small price but not all of those plans are worth buying. You can find all sorts of boat plans online, from power to sail boats, wood to fiberglass, etc. Most of them are very old and so the finished product just could be an old design and it may have a lot of technical faults in its construction of the hull and cabin.

Everyone's dream boat storage is heated boat storage. Just think about it. Storing a boat in heated boat storage would make every sailors boating experience ever more pleasurable. Those people who don't own a boat vision boats as fun, relaxing, and exciting. They are jealous of boat owners; however, little do they know. Boat owners know this is far from the truth. Boats are high maintenance and are the reason for empty wallets. Ask any former boat owner what was his best boating experience, and he will tell you it was the day he got rid of the boat. But there are some boat owners who are able to keep a balance between boat fun and boat maintenance. The key to this balance is finding the best boat storage possible.


Instead of taking a cruise to Alaska or the Caribbean this year, why not look at the opportunity to see some of the best scenery in the world with a cruise down a German river? The stunning landscapes have inspired poets, writers and painters over the centuries. The sights you see just might inspire you to show how creative you are. Some of the famous rivers in Germany include the Danube, the Rhine the Elbe and the Moselle. The cruising boats on these rivers do stop at various towns along the way, which adds to your vacation as you explore the attractions of each one.

Millions of people all over the country own a boat. Some of the lucky ones own multiple boats! How many of them actually know how to take care of their boats? That is a question whose answer can be debated and probably will be debated by many. The source of consternation usually revolves around boat storage and what is considered adequate versus inadequate. Most boat owners will agree that keeping your boat, which is usually a huge investment, on a trailer in your driveway is usually a sufficient boat storage strategy. Other owners will say that the best type of boat storage is to leave your water in the water. In addition to arguing about where to store a boat, many boat owners will debate whether or not responsible boat storage includes the use of some sort of boat cover. Whatever side of the boat storage aisle you come down on, this article is sure to touch on one or more boat storage strategies that you are familiar with. Please read on for more boat storage strategies and tips.

Yes it is possible to spend a vacation on German rivers. In fact, you will have to spend more than one vacation in order to experience the beauty of the country from the water. There are cruises offered for all the rivers in the country with stops arranged in cities and towns along the way.

The Rhine River is one of the longest and most important rivers in Europe at 820 miles in length. The river originates in the Swiss Alps, but some of the main tributaries are in Germany and Luxembourg. Some of the riverboats sail on the Rhine only, while others combine the trip on the river with that of other waterways in Germany and other countries, such as Austria, Hungary and the Netherlands.

Owning a boat can be a great way to enjoy the water in a variety of ways. Speed boats are a pleasure to race for cash prizes or other awards. Sailboats let you enjoy the water at the pace that the wind blows the sails and moves the boat along the waves. Row boats, yachts and many other kinds of boats make water sports and pleasure boating some of the most enjoyable past times around.

If you own a boat that is kept on the water, storing your boat may only be necessary when the weather is bad or when seasons change if you live in a state where the water freezes during the winter time. Perhaps the safest and most secure way to store your boat is to have a boat shed built on the water behind your home. This is probably the most expensive way to store your boat and is not transferable if you move to another home and want to take your boat with you.

Most people think that yacht charting is a luxurious activity which only the rich and famous can participate. Although this used to be the case, these types of holidays and getaways are becoming much more affordable and opening up the activity to a much wider market to enjoy. There are two types of yacht charters you could participate, bare boating and luxury crewed yacht charters, both of which are explained in more detail below. The Mediterranean is a fantastic area of the world to experience and as a unique getaway for a charter yacht holiday, it offers complete flexibility and the option for you to customize and tailor you holiday in order to exactly suite your requirements and expectations.

There are many different kinds of boating accessories to outfit a boat with whether it is to make it look better or perform better. The most important boat accessories though are safety items, which ensure safer voyages for everyone.

Lifejackets are vital boating accessories to have even if you are not traveling far. No matter what happens on the water the chance of something going wrong and having to leave the boat is a possibility every person who steps on a boat should be prepared for.

My wife and I decided to book a cruise to Bermuda for our wedding anniversary. We thought it would be fun and of course anytime you get away from work, home and all of the stresses of life you are better off. Something about vacation that makes you forget about everything (well almost everything) in life.

After booking the cruise we wanted to do something different from our normal, "explore the island" type of excursions that we have done in the past. Not that they aren't any fun, but we were looking for something different. We noticed that one of the excursions was called a "swim, snorkel and sail adventure." It peaked our interest so we investigated further.